This program is for active healthy individuals that want to ramp up into our fast paced group CrossFit classes. This class will meet Monday, Wednesday and Saturday during each week, with a limited number of people per class. There is a total of six (6) classes that will need to be completed throughout the month in order to join an actual CrossFit class. These classes are offered on a rotating basis throughout the month so that the individual can join anytime or repeat a class if necessary. Attendance to ALL six (6) Core Classes is required.

During the Foundations course we are going to want to know a little more about you. We will be conducting assessments in order to understand you, your personal goals, current health, concerns or up and coming competitions. Once we have some understanding of your needs, we can help you achieve your goals.

Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive understanding of the CrossFit program.
We’ll introduce, refine and technique and discuss range of motion requirements for the following movements:

  • Squats: air squat, front squat, overhead squat, back-squat
  • Presses: shoulder press, push press, push jerk
  • Power movements: deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, ball clean
  • Olympic movements: clean and jerk, snatch
  • Gymnastics: pull-up, push-ups, burpees, ring dips, muscle-ups, Handstands, l-sits etc.
  • Other common movements: thrusters, wall ball, kettlebell swings, rowing, box jumps, jump roping.

Please understand that all movements have modifications and we are happy to work with all abilities.

We have our own in house nutritionist who will  introduce you to dieting concepts Nutrition is often overlooked when training, but to us it is the foundation of fitness. Though you don’t need to follow a nutritional program to be a part of CrossFit Toe 2 Toe, we want you to look and feel good!

The cost for this class is $150.


CrossFit Group Classes

These are traditional Crossfit classes that include a skill-based warm-up, skill or strength training, the Workout of the Day (or “WOD”), and mobility work. The workouts can always be scaled so that new athletes can workout alongside veteran athletes. On some days, the WOD will be a 10-20 minute metabolic conditioning workout that combines several movements or exercises that are grouped into sets and either completed for time or in as many rounds a possible (“AMRAP”). On other days, the class will focus on a strength piece (like a 1 rep max deadlift) followed by a shorter metabolic conditioning “finisher” workout. We encourage all CrossFit athletes to record their workout times/scores and track their progress on our Wodify System.

MetCon – Hi-intesity and high-energy, MetCon is a workout that utilizes functional body weight movements with light to moderate loads. This program includes CrossFit’s strength-building movements but omits the complex gymnastics and Olympic weight-lifting exercises. MetCon is easy to start but still very challenging and, like our CrossFit classes, every workout is different. Expect to work hard and see amazing results. .

Weightlifting– Athletes will learn and practice good positioning and mechanics in a self-paced environment designed to develop a stronger strength base and engine.

Gymnastics Skills – This focuses on developing the gymnastics skills that are common in Crossfit programming like hand stand push ups, ring dips, pull-ups, etc. A typical class will include a gymnastics skill based warm up, skill training, and a metabolic conditioning workout that incorporates gymnastics skills.


CrossFit Striking Classes

Fighters are some of the most well-conditioned and powerful athletes in the world. This is due, in part, to their striking training since punching and kicking with true power, speed and accuracy requires people to utilize their entire body from the ground up. As a consequence, striking is one of the most rudimentary and functional movements that involve the core.

Developed by Martial Arts Masters Hall-of-Fame inductee and SWAT team member, George Ryan, CrossFit Striking is designed to take both the skills and the benefits from a fighter’s striking training program and integrate them into CrossFit workouts. It is a program that is grounded in success since it has grown out of George’s system of striking and self-protection that he has been teaching to tactical operators and law enforcement personnel around the country for over twelve years. ~CrossFit Specialty Courses

This is not your average cardio kickboxing. You will learn real deal techniques which is incorporated into CrossFit philosophy. If you think burning 800-900 calories per hour in cardio kickboxing is great, wait till you try CrossFit Striking!  There is no sparring and you will learn how to protect yourself.  By combining both Coach Chris and Kenny’s expertise, we offer you a TOP NOTCH programing.

Whether your goal is to build lean muscle, burn fat or lose weight our program will strike your fitness to a whole new level.


TKS Kickboxing

TKS is a blend of Muay Thai, Chinese Kickboxing (San Da) and Western Boxing. The three striking arts combined create TKS, which uses fists, elbows, knees, shins and throws. The benefits of studying TKS are incredible; it increases speed, agility, strength and the cardiovascular endurance of the practitioner. The exercises associated with TKS can burn from 800-1300 calories per hour.